MediServ has great experience in training and education of persons who are active in health authority organisations, in the pharmaceutical industry, or in the medical devices industry.

MediServ organized international and national courses, workshops, and seminars in the Netherlands, Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels) and Spain (Madrid) on various clinical and statistical subjects.

But also individual training is given to personnel in the field of clinical research, in close consultation with the client on a neutral place, at the office of the client, or at MediServ’s office in Eindhoven.

Subjects of the trainings are: 

– Good Clinical Practice
– Declaration of Helsinki
– Essentials of clinical research
– The protocol
– The Case Report Form
– Unreliable data and fraud
– The clinical trial manager
– Medical statistics
– Method validation
– Meta-analysis
– Quality control validation
– Auditing

Training can be given in the English or Dutch language.

For every training session written documentation is available for the participants.