MediServ can offer services in the following areas supported by a wide dimension of knowledge and experience in these areas:

– Medical writing
– Professional translations
– Synopses

– Many forms of writing or translation of medical issues can be provided, varying from dissertations to articles for scientific manuscripts or publications. The subjects can be of medical, pharmaceutical or pharmacological content. The text is always produced in close consultation with the client.

– The languages are primarily English, Dutch and German, but it is possible to discuss (an)other language(s). In the later case an appropriate member of PSN Research, our international organization in various countries of Europe and North-America, would be involved.

– The founder of MediServ, Jan Janbroers, has been member of the international Advisory Editional Board of the Good Clinical Practice Journal (Brookwood Medical Publications, U.K.) and was author of various articles.

– Synopses
Synopses are possible in the medical, pharmaceutical and/or pharmacological areas. Sources can be scientific or marketing conferences, courses, symposiums, workshops, etc.

Furthermore MediServ can produce articles for medical journalism, e.g., interviews with experts, irrespective of their location, on specific professional topics for publication, for instance in public health periodicals.

Just call us and discuss the possibilities.