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MediServ joins forces with KLIFO A/S through acquisition

Eindhoven, The Netherlands: 29th October 2020

KLIFO A/S acquires MediServ, building on the current capacity and expertise within the company to expand on its service offering and geographical reach for existing clients.

“KLIFO and MediServ have collaborated over several years through PSN Research, which both companies have been partners and shareholders in. So, it seems only natural to integrate this team into the KLIFO family, now that the opportunity has arisen,” explains Alejandra Mørk, Chief Executive Officer for KLIFO.

MediServ becomes KLIFO A/S affiliate, KLIFO BV. Odette Jochems, former CEO MediServ, is appointed as Managing Director, KLIFO BV. MediServ’s current employees become part of KLIFO BV.


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For further information about the acquisition, please contact:


Alejandra Mørk

Chief executive officer,


Phone: +45 44 222 910