In recent years MediServ is and has conducted numerous Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV studies and has assisted in Phase I trials for pharmaceutical companies in 12 countries, especially in the Benelux and Germany. Frequently studies are multinational and multicentre. Recently projects have been executed in the developing areas of clinical trials with nutriceuticals, medical devices and pharmacoeconomics.

Study related activities by MediServ take place in the Benelux. However, thanks to our partnership with the international full service CRO PSNResearch,these activities can be realised in the whole EU and in North America. The US headquarter of PSNResearch is located in Charlottesville, USA and the EU office is located in Madrid, Spain.

Our service on clinical research ranges from the development of the study design, of the protocol and the CRF’s; selection, setting-up and periodical monitoring of centres; collection and processing of the study data into a final statistical report, and the final study report . If desired the text design for a publication can be prepared for placement in a scientific or another journal in various languages.


If required the final study report will be written according to the current version of the ICH guidelines and the last edition of the Declaration of Helsinki. This involves a detailed reporting of all relevant study data, and in necessary preparation of a publication. For further information use the link to “medical writing”.

Research areas

Since MediServ’s foundation, already in 1980, the research areas in which clinical trials have been/are being performed are: analgesics, antibiotics, antimycotics, arthritis and associated rheumatic disorders, blood substituens, cardiology, hypercholesterolaemia, CNS (Alzheimer, depression, panic disturbances, tension headache) , dermatology, ENT, enzymes, gastroenterology, GSM disturbances, hormones, hypertension, hypnotics, medical devices, NSAIDs, opthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, psychopharmacons, traumatology, urology, X-ray contrast media.