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MediServ has signed a contract for participation in a retinopathy trial with premature baby’s.  Within a month the activities will start. 

We are also involved in a study with regard to persons with intermittent claudication in Belgium. This study is starting to take shape. Up till now 4 centres have been selected, the 5th centre is on the way. From the same sponsor we became the request to explore the possibility of a trial in the Netherlands. It also concerns the treatment of blocked vessels. In this particular case it concerns the block of the shunt which is placed into haemodialysis patients between an artery and a vene to connect the dialysis equipment: an arteriovenous shunt. The sponsor prefers 4 centres spread over the country. 

Furthermore we probably will be involved in a trial with seriously ill patients with sepsis. Sepsis means blood poisoning, a reaction of inflammation of the whole body as a reaction to an infection. Sepsis is often deadly. The sponsor considers 10 centres in the Benelux.  

Field Information 


Persons, using effervescent tablets or a soluble powdered form of medication, swallow more salt than the maximum of 6 grams a day that is advised by the food expert. This overdose salt out of painkillers, stomach powders and calcium tablets seems to be dangerous. Patients who have been ordered to take these salted remedies, do have a significant bigger chance of hypertension and stroke, compared to people who use the same remedies in a different format.  Doctors must handle the prescription of salted medication tactfully.  

Source: NRC Scientific appendix, 30.11.13.


An electric shock can disturb and "erase” memories of depressive persons. This might be interesting for persons with a post traumatic stress syndrome. Depressive persons sometimes are treated with electroshocks. During these electroconvulsion therapy (ECT) the patients are anaesthetized when they get an electroshock. This as a last resort for a deep depression, when other treatments have not been successful. The therapy is considered as safe, but has a temporary or permanent loss of memory as side effect. This is because the shock disturbs the memory storage. With ECT the original memory of an event can be erased specifically. 

Source: NRC Scientific appendix, 23.12.13.


Persons with a mild to moderate dementia are failing less rapidly when they swallow vitamin E. The vitamin helps these patients better than the formal Alzheimer medicine memantine. The question is however whether the patient himself or the family really  notice this delay. The Alzheimer disease always progresses slowly. Vitamin E causes 20 percent delay in half a year. Investigators registered that patients who swallow vitamin E daily need 2 hours less caregiver help. They stay independent for a longer time. 

Source: NRC Scientific appendix, 02.01.14.


By stimulation of the appropriate nerve, with every breath the tongue is pushed a bit forward. This is the new way to challenge the sleep apnea. Here it concerns a kind of pacemaker that is placed subcutaneous and of which the electrodes are lead to the nerve of the tongue. Going to bed the patient switches on the stimulator, the pacemaker, with a remote control. The tongue is pushed forward by breathing in. That’s everything. 

Source: NRC Scientific appendix, 18.01.14.

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